Nintendo 3DS Will Have Contra. Of Course.

The headline is pretty much all that I know about it. Nintendo’s new 3D handheld system will have a version of Contra.

Just look. Amazon has Contra 3DS available for pre-order. That’s a pretty good sign. Still not as good as certain, but good enough for now.

Perhaps most encouraging, oddly enough, is the relatively high price (and by that I don’t mean that you’ll need a mortgage refinancing to buy it, just that it’s more expensive than the DLC and retro compilation deals we’ve been seeing). At $34.99, Konami and Nintendo are tacitly saying that this game is good enough to cost as much as a totally original, totally new title. Even if some of what we’re paying for is the Contra name and the no-glasses 3D technology, that’s still plenty of room for good ol’ Added Value.

While Nintendo’s DS gave us fans a Contra 4 that was Tony the Tiger-sized GREAT!, I have to admit that the Wii was more like Malt-o-Meal. So Nintendo was probably about due.

Sure, Contra: Rebirth was kinda cool in that it existed at all, but it simply added nothing to the series. As afraid as I was about using the Wiimote for Contra, I was disappointed to realize that it wasn’t going to be an option at all.

** Update **

There may be some controversy about this statement from some hardcore fans but I really enjoyed the latest reboot of contra for the 3DS. I think it captures the essence of the classic game with a new age make over. I think they hit on all of the key areas to make this game a total success. I was very impressed by the graphics as well as game play. It was all very was all very fluid. Some fans will say that classics are better left alone because justice is never done. the updated versions of old games are notoriously bad. That is not the case here. There is a definite Contra feel to this game with just enough of the new technology to give it a boost without overpowering the original game by too much.

My roommate thinks that this reboot has the appearance of many online slots games. I get that – he’s right in that the latest iterations of many online casinos have hugely improved graphics and animation. If you just look at the slots mentioned in the popular lists, most of them have amazing vivid colors, smooth animation, and realistic motion graphics, just like ContraWeb. But my observation is that slots don’t have to provide the long lasting and consistent, reality imitating graphics that the popular multi-player games provide. Just sayin…

After this reboot I am looking forward to a lot of new titles that are scheduled to be released soon. I did not think I would be getting excited about this handheld or the games but this experience changed my vantage point altogether. I hope you are all able to take my work for it & at least give this game a try. You will get more than you expect from the experience just like I did, I’m sure.

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